College Information For Seniors

Early Decision using the Common Application

To submit the Early Decision Agreement online you must log on to your common application and click on the My Colleges Tab, go to the school specific page, then follow these instructions:


1. Click “Questions” and complete the section.   Be sure to select Early Decision under the “Preferred Admission Plan” question.

2. Click Assign Recommender section.

3. Enter your “Parent/Legal Guardian” details and save the page.

After you have selected the Parent/Legal Guardian within the drop-down menu, they will receive an email with the URL to the ED agreement (only if the email address was provided). If your parent/legal guardian does not have an email address, his/her signature is not required online. The form must be printed and mailed directly to the school.

4. The Parent/Legal Guardian must go to URL, enter their email address (this is case sensitive), read and sign the ED agreement, then save it.

5. Lastly, the counselor will log in to their account to read, sign, and submit the ED agreement as well.  Please note the counselor is responsible for the submission of the ED agreement once you have completed it.


Note: The following universities do not require the parent signature for the EDA:

·         Wesleyan University

·         Miami University


Note: The following university does not require the EDA to be signed by your counselor:

·         Cornell University