Video Club
VIDEO CLUB 2019-2020
MODERATOR: Mrs. Sheila Wilson   

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Video Club!
The 2019-2020 Video Club members are:   (Seniors) Molly Teeter, Alison DeLuca;(Junior)  Katrina Gutierrez; (Sophomores) Angelica Burnside, Alessandra DiMaria, Morgan Visnius , Gianna Torgersen, & Molly Fitzgerald, Ashley Ramirez, &  Kristine Dziedziula; (Freshwoman) Emily Costello.
This year's club officers are:,
Co-Presidents: not yet decided
Club Policies New members must contribute to at least 2 tapings per term, to remain on the permanent club roster (new & old members - make sure your attendance is recorded) .

     One of the main activities of the Video Club is the production of the Mercy Morning News.  program features announcements of upcoming school activities, interviews with students, and video highlights of special events in our school community. During Homeroom period (usually on Friday mornings), the program is shown in the classrooms on the interactive boards. The latest edition of Mercy Morning News is always available to view on the video portal of our homepage @ Past programs can be viewed in the Video Gallery.
Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the production process.

Meetings & MMNews tapings are usually held early in the week after school, in the library. 
Recordings of various school events, as well as interviews, are edited into the program during the week.We try to acknowledge as many contributors as possible, at the end of each production.
Interested students are always welcome to observe at any of our meetings.
See you in the hallways!