Shadowing Program

Students considering Our Lady of Mercy Academy are invited to spend a day with one of our students. Shadowing a current student during school hours is the best way to experience our academic program and our social environment. Shadows will have the opportunity to participate in a full day of classes, meet Mercy teachers, make new friends, and even enjoy a Mercy Cookie. 


Choosing which high school to attend is an important decision. We hope to make it a little easier for you by offering this wonderful opportunity to be a Mercy Girl for a day.

Eighth-grade students are welcome to Shadow starting in October.

Seventh-grade students are welcome to Shadow starting in March.


Please click the Shadowing Registration link to the left to complete the request form.

Shadowing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I schedule a Shadow visit?


To book an appointment, please use the online registration form. Appointments must be made at least one week prior to your planned visit and will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have questions, please reach out to us—but we need the form filled out to set up the Shadow day.



Can a potential transfer student sign-up for shadowing?


Yes. We are happy to have potential transfers shadow with a student in the same grade so you can meet some of your future classmates.



What happens after I sign up online?


Once you complete the online form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of receipt of your submission. You will receive an email directly from Our Lady of Academy to confirm your specific Shadow Day, which will include details about the day.



When will Shadowing occur?


Shadowing takes place on most school days from September to May.

Some dates may be blocked due to special school schedules and testing.

Eighth-grade students are welcome to Shadow starting in October.

Seventh-grade students are welcome to Shadow starting in March.



What time do Shadows need to arrive and be picked up and where do they meet?


Shadows should be escorted to the Main Office between 7:45 and 8:00 AM and signed in as day visitors. Shadow Hosts will pick up Shadows before heading to Homeroom. Shadows are to be picked up from the Main Office at 2:20 PM, and signed out in the day visitor binder.



Who will Host my daughter on her Shadow day?


Shadows will be paired with a current student, typically a Sophomore or Junior. Freshman may host 7th grade Shadows in the spring. We try to match Shadows with a host who has similar interests in academics, athletics and/or extra-curricular activities. This is why we request student interest on the registration form, so please let us know what’s important to the Shadow!



Is it possible to shadow with a specific student?


Yes. We encourage you to request a friend or family member as your host. Shadows may request specific students to serve as the host when they sign-up. If you know someone well, feel free to ask her about a good day to come so as to avoid tests or quizzes, or to see a specific class, if possible.



What do Shadows wear?


Visitors are required to be dressed in attire that is appropriate for a Catholic School environment.

Catholic school students: school uniform. Public school students: knee-length dress/skirt or dress pants with a respectable top and close-toed shoes. No sneakers or jeans, please.

What should a Shadow bring? Do Shadows need a lunch?


Shadows should bring a notebook and pen or pencil. Shadows will have the opportunity to participate in class. Also, please bring a book to read in the event that the Host has a test or quiz. Students may either bring lunch from home or money to purchase lunch at our cafeteria. We will provide a voucher for a Mercy Cookie.



What should we do if the student is sick or an emergency arises the day of the scheduled Shadow date?


As soon as you know that there might be a reason that the Shadow will not be able to keep the assigned date, please call Ms. Hackett at 516-921-1047 ext. 138. If you need to call the morning of the Shadow date, please call Mrs. Mehern in the Main Office at extension 110. We will let the Host know that the date has been canceled and reschedule as soon as possible.



If I still have questions, whom should I contact?


Please contact the Director of Admissions and Recruitment at 516.921.1047 x138 or  with your questions.