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Fall Crew Completes their Season at the Snowflake Regatta

Snowflake Regatta in Riverhead

At the Snowflake Regatta on Sunday in Riverhead the crew team had a good day in their last race of the fall season. Varsity 4 came in 1st winning the gold, coxed by Tori Zerbo with Fran Castellano, Katie Browne, Brooke Bosse, and Jocelyn Bunster. The Novice 8 and JV 8 both came in 3rd winning two bronze medals. In the Novice 8 boat it was coxed by Cara Donnelly with Claire Giordano, Jackie Lynch, Vicky Ahlstrand, Madeline Gross, Amanda Mauro, Madison Marchese, Ella Mendelsohn, and Sienna Loiacano. The JV 8 boat was coxed by Kelly Zabrouski with Brooke Bosse, Jackie Lynch, Claire Giordano, Vicky Ahlstrand, Amanda Mauro, Madison Marchese, Malawi Springer and Abigail Gallagher. The JV 4 came in 4th. Congratulations to their coach Gary Beekman and to the entire team on a good season. Thank you to all the parents for all their help and support. Members of the Fall Crew team include:

1st Year
Victoria Ahlstrand, Olivia Alonso, Brooke Bosse,
Claire Giordano, Madeline Gross, Sienna Loiacano,
Jacqueline Lynch, Madison Marchese, Amanda Mauro,
Ella Mendelsohn, Kelly Zabrouski

2nd Year
Abigail Gallagher, Malawi Springer

3rd Year
Megan Blaustein, Katie Browne, Jocelyn Bunster,
Francesca Castellano, Cara Donnelly, Victoria Zerbo