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Weekly Spiritual Reflection

The Feast of the Epiphany, "little christmas", completes the 12 days of Christmas. Although we know Christmas ends on the feast of the Baptism of Jesus next Sunday, it is a reminder for us of the season of gift bearing and gift giving. This past friday our students contemplated the manger in quiet adoration with the magi and shepherds. Let us meditate on one of the prayers they read in chapel:

Reader:      Christ has appeared among us.

All:                        Come, let us adore Him.

Reader:              The precious gifts which the Magi brought to the Lord this day are threefold,
And they are signs of divine mysteries.
By the gold the power of the King is signified,
By frankincense His great priesthood,
By myrrh the burial of the Lord.
The Magi worshipped the Author of our salvation in the crib,
And of their treasures they brought to Him gifts of mystic nature.

A blessed Christmas to all! Remember Christmas ends on Jan 13th this year, the feast of the Baptism of Jesus.